Tips and Hacks for Consolidating Email

Email is an effective communication tool when it is able to be properly managed. Most of us have several email accounts we manage and check on a regular basis, from work-provided hosted virtual desktop email, to personal accounts. However, email can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. In order to help make your life easier, consider the following tips and hacks.

Virtual Desktops

  • Reduce the number of email accounts. Ideally, you should have one work email account and one personal email account. If you have more than four email accounts, consider what they are for and if they could be consolidated into other existing email accounts.
  • Use one email account for junk mail. Create a generic account that does not identify your personal information or name to use on websites that request an email address to access online content. Consider this a throw-away email account you never have to check.
  • Clean up your inbox. Go through your inbox and attempt to keep it empty. Create folders for pending tasks/responses and move messages into these folders.
  • Archive email messages. Create an archive of your older email messages to get them out of your account. Anything older than four or five months should be archived.
  • Respond to email messages promptly. When you get a new email message, review it and respond to it if necessary. This will help keep your inbox clean.
  • Be direct and to the point in email messages. Read through your email messages before sending them to ensure the recipient will understand what it is you want. This will reduce the number of replies required to get a task accomplished.

By taking the time to clean up your email accounts and inbox, you will be able to spend less time managing email and more time doing other tasks. For more tips and suggestions on how to manage online accounts, as well as secure application hosting and virtual desktop solutions, call CyberlinkASP now at 972-262-5200.

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