Three Steps to Developing a High Performance Company Culture

Company culture is more than just morale. It encompasses a wide range of factors, including the physical environment of the office, the mission of the company, the attitude of its leaders, its use of technology to remove barriers to performance, and its compensation structure and other dynamics. Creating a high performance culture takes work, but it’s worth it in terms of increased productivity and improvements to products and services.

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Consider these tips to establishing a high performance culture in your workplace:

  • Set high expectations and reward achievement – The first step to creating a high performance culture is to let your employees know that you expect excellence. By setting high goals and making those goals clear, you set a clear expectation for employees. By recognizing and rewarding achievement, you further motivate employees to excel.
  • Create flexibility – The old hidebound corporate culture of the 20th century just won’t work. To create a high performance culture, you need to give employees flexibility to meet your high expectations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Options like telecommuting by using remote desktop services can help employees live up to your expectations while managing their personal lives.
  • Create a future – Dead end jobs lead to dead end performance. Your workers need to know they can progress in your company. They don’t have to go from being the janitor to being the CEO, but by establishing career paths for them you give them something to strive for. When employees know they have a future at your company, they’ll become emotionally invested in its success.

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