Three Small Business Tech Trends for 2016

Technology can help level the field for small business, allowing them to compete with the bigger companies in their industry. Social media, e-commerce, desktop virtualization, and other online applications have helped mom and pop shops stay alive and thrive in a hypercompetitive business climate.

To keep taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, small business entrepreneurs need to stay on top of tech trends. Here are some of the top trends for 2016:

  • Automated marketing – New automation software can help small businesses market their companies without having to devote substantial labor resources or hire a marketing agency. New applications will help manage CRM, web optimization, and related services.
  • Easy app creation – Programs such as Appy Pie and Microsoft’s PowerApps will allow even technological novices to create helpful apps that their customers can use. Providing methods for consumers to connect with businesses via smartphone apps is essential, as these devices have become nearly ubiquitous in our society.
  • New payment options – To provide convenience, small businesses need to adopt mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. In time, these convenient payment solutions will be as common as credit card terminals in businesses, so it’s wise to get ahead of the curve.

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