Three Reasons Businesses Are Clamoring for Desktop-as-a-Service

Desktop-as-a-service is a growing trend among businesses who are quickly becoming aware of the benefits offered by virtual desktops.

In the desktop-as-a-service model, data and applications are hosted and operated by a server, rather than the user’s computer or device. Here are a few reasons why an increasing number of businesses are finding that this model works well for them:

Desktop virtualization

  • Virtual desktops are far more cost-effective than traditional desktops. Using desktop-as-a-service can significantly reduce hardware capital expenditures, as the devices used to access desktop-as-a-service are less expensive than traditional PCs. Because most of the computing work is performed by servers hosting the desktop, older, less powerful devices can be retained for longer periods.
  • Desktop virtualization gives organizations tighter control over employee’s use of their computing resources, reducing the risk of hacking from outsiders and malicious use of resources by insiders.
  • Desktop virtualization also provides workers with greater flexibility. With Internet access, workers can access their work desktop – all their files, data, and applications – from just about anywhere. This increases productivity and also allows greater convenience and flexibility in workers’ schedules, benefiting the company and the worker.
  • Virtual desktops are a boon to contingency planning. In the past, if the office was inaccessible because of construction, natural disasters, or other events, maintaining operations could be tough because all computing resources were located there. With virtual desktops, employees can work from almost anywhere, making developing a contingency plan much easier.

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