Ten Ways to Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Hackers (Part II)

In part two of this two part blog series we will look ten ways to help protect your computer from viruses and hackers. Keep in mind, these tips will only reduce the likelihood of being infected with a virus and prevent unwanted access by a hacker. Currently, no method is 100% secure, as hackers are constantly looking for and discovering new vulnerabilities.

  1. Use a business-class antivirus protection. These products are updated more frequently and improve protection.
  2. Use real time spyware protection. Invest in paid protection so it runs constantly in the background, as most free products only detect spyware after the computer is infected.

  3. Run daily scans on your computer before going online.

  4. Update antivirus and spyware protection daily. Make it a habit to run updates after your daily scans.

  5. Disable auto-launch/run features in your operating system.

  6. Never open questionable emails or attachments or links.

  7. Disable image previews in email applications.

  8. Use a hardware-based, not a software-based firewall.

  9. Install DNS protection.

  10. Be smart when surfing the Internet, and enable pop-up blockers.

Following these methods and making them regular habits will help reduce the chances of your computer being infected with a virus or of its being hacked. For mobile device users, in addition to these tips, always password protect the device and disable auto connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

For more ideas and tips to help protect your computer and mobile devices from viruses and hackers, contact CyberlinkASP at 972-262-5200 today. We offer customizable solutions for individuals and commercial operations of all sizes.

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