TED Talks for Better Productivity

Productivity is more important than ever, as technology and a globalized economy make using tools like cloud computing and desktop virtualization vital to business survival, in order to squeeze every minute for everything it’s worth.

Productivity isn’t just for employees. Managers and business owners also need to learn to get the most out of their working time. There are many Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) talks on the subject of productivity. Some of the best ones include:

  • Nilofer Merchant has a great presentation on walking meetings. Merchant says that by getting the body moving, professionals also get the mind moving, resulting in better ideas. Another added benefit of walking meetings – they get finished a lot quicker than sit-down meetings.
  • Jason Fried’s TED talk makes the case for silence. Fried says implementing quiet times, where employees can work interrupted by meetings and interoffice chatter, can help them accomplish more during the work day.
  • Stefan Sagmeister has an excellent TED talk on how getting sufficient downtime can make workers and managers more productive when they’re on the job. Sagmeister says getting away from work and engaging in other pursuits helps professionals come back focused, and with broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by their jobs.
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