Small Businesses, Trust, and Network Security Monitoring

One essential aspect of success in business is trust -- the trust between the business owner and employees, and the trust between the business and their customers. Having a secure network with a hosted server, and the safe means for storing and managing information, goes a long way toward cultivating trust. With network security monitoring, alone, or coupled with hosted server and/or remote desktop services from Cyberlink ASP, your business can manage and store information securely, keeping both you and your customers safe.

Hosted server services give you the space and power to store all of your business’s files. CyberlinkASP’s system of backing up information on their servers via tape and disk backups means that, even if a catastrophe strikes, your data will be available to you. Their remote desktop services allow businesses to set up an account with passwords and individual identification for each user -- so only those authorized to get into your files will have access. The third line of security is having network security monitoring services to ensure that spyware and viruses do not get into your systems or draw information out.

CyberlinkASP uses a combination of top-of-the-line hardware, constantly updated software, and a team of technical experts to protect and scan your network for problems. With a full arsenal of technological safeguards at your disposal, without having to actually be taking up space in your office, you can help instill trust in your business, and peace of mind for yourself, in knowing that you are protecting your business and your customers.

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