How Small Businesses Benefit from Using the Cloud

In a previous post, we already mentioned the flexibility the Cloud provides small businesses, and the ability to work virtually from any location with an Internet connection. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of remote desktop services the Cloud provides small businesses and how it helps them compete with larger competitors.

  1. Reduction in hardware and software costs. Using the Cloud involves signing up for a monthly subscription for the services and applications you want to use. As such, you are essentially “renting” the technology you need to do business. This is much less expensive than having to purchase your own software applications and hardware, as well as pay for your own internal IT support staff.
  2. Built-in disaster recovery and data security. Cloud subscriptions include regular nightly backups of your data and secure storage of your data. Small businesses have easy access to a secure infrastructure and make it possible to operate 24 hours a day.
  3. Easier to collaborate on projects with other businesses. Sometimes you have to collaborate on big projects with other businesses. Using the Cloud allows you to control access to project data and only share what information is necessary with the other businesses.

In addition to these benefits, Cloud-based solutions are scalable to fit with your needs as they change, and your business grows and expands. For more information about hosted virtual desktop and application hosting solutions, call CyberlinkASP now at 972-262-5200.

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