Six Cloud Security Threats That Can Compromise Your Business

Cloud computing offers convenience and efficiency to users, but security risks abound. Being aware of the risks of cloud computing and working with cloud security providers can help companies enjoy virtual desktops and other benefits of cloud computing, while maintaining safe and secure data and infrastructure.

Some of the most common cloud security threats include:

  • Data breaches by malicious actors to obtain information stored in the cloud. These breaches can have a huge impact on businesses, in terms of losses and diminished consumer confidence.
  • Data losses that occur when information is lost and no backup copy was made.
  • Account or service hijacking can occur when malicious actors gain passwords or find other ways to infiltrate a cloud service. These malicious actors can sabotage data, send out bogus information, or eavesdrop and find out confidential information.
  • Denial of service attacks can greatly disrupt a clients’ information network. Malicious actors instigate denial of service attacks by launching legions of requests to targeted servers, eventually overloading their capacity to respond and locking up the client’s cloud.
  • Inside sabotage is also a threat in cloud applications. Disgruntled employees or employees who wish to steal from the company may use access to cloud assets to cause damage or commit fraud or other malicious acts.
  • Working with cloud services with a firm grasp of cloud security issues and strong protections against the vulnerabilities of the cloud can help companies enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while mitigating the risks.

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