Run Your School’s Network on a Dedicated Server

Primary and secondary schools are steadily becoming more technologically based. Classroom tools have branched out from the standard chalkboard and paper maps to include whiteboards linked to computers for note storage and computer labs. With hundreds of electronic devices assisting in the learning process, schools need more power to keep their systems running smoothly. CyberLinkASP’s experienced technicians have access to the hardware, software and electrical power, as well as the knowledge, to keep information at your staff and students' fingertips.

Budgeting is always a concern for schools, so by hiring IT personnel to run a dedicated server and keep the network accessible to staff and students, schools can procure hosted server services from CyberLinkASP and streamline their IT needs, while increasing efficiency.  Using dedicated server services to run your school’s network increases operating power, storage space, and the number of users who can access the network without service dropping out.

Since schools retain and use a lot of personal information and can have thousands of people accessing their network at the same time, it is important to have security measures in place. CyberLinkASP includes 24/7/365 network security monitoring through individual user names and passwords, as well as virus and spam filtering, so your information is safe, and you won’t have to worry about students receiving inappropriate spam or downloading spyware through their hosted server school e-mail.  All of your computing can be easier, more cost-efficient and safer, when done through a dedicated server that is run by the data center at CyberLinkASP.

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