Reduce Employee Costs with Desktop Virtualization

The amount of money it costs to pay an employee goes far beyond their hourly or weekly salary. In addition to the payroll, businesses are required to pay unemployment insurance, a portion of benefit costs, and other expenses. A business easily pays around half of an employee’s actual pay in overhead costs, resulting in paying double the hourly or weekly salary rate. One viable option some companies are exploring is allowing employees to work from home using virtual desktops to reduce employee costs.

With a desktop virtualization solution and work at home position, a company reduces operating costs that help offset the employee overhead costs. There is no need for a large office complex, cubicles, office supplies, and office equipment. Instead, a business can utilize a much smaller space with fewer onsite employees, and less workspace. Employees connect virtually to desktop and computer applications, and perform job functions right from their home.

Further, companies are able to reduce the amount they pay employees to work from home. Companies can offer lower rates of pay since employees are not commuting, having to purchase business attire, or having to spend money dining out for lunch. In return, employees get to work from the comfort of their own home. For instance, if you would typically pay an employee $15 an hour for a customer service position in your office, you could cut the hourly rate of pay down to $10 an hour for a work at home position. Now, with overhead costs, you are only paying $20 per hour for that employee, compared to $30 an hour for working in the office.

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