Reduce Your IT Costs

With technology rapidly changing, it can be easy for a company to spend thousands of dollars a year just keeping up with its information technology needs. Cloud desktop hosting can help eliminate some of the expense and keep your office on the cutting edge.

Before the widespread use of cloud storage and cloud applications, almost every company had to purchase expensive computer servers to run the company data network. In addition, the software necessary to compile that data into a useable form had to be replaced, usually every two to three years, and you had to have a licensed copy for every employee who might be using it.

Switching to cloud desktop hosting changed all that. Instead of having your own server, your company can now use one of our dedicated servers. Software no longer needs to be stored on every computer, but can be accessed as needed from the cloud. Better yet, the upgrades happen in the cloud, not on every single computer the company owns. And, the need for storage memory in your office computers has declined to almost none. With no large software programs to store, your computers can be devoted to processing speed and performance.

Cloud desktop hosting provides a secure backup for your company’s data, without having to remember to break out the storage media or external hard drives and doing a complete backup. Instead, your data is saved to the cloud as you input it. Cloud services lower the investment you need to make in computer hardware and software, while raising the bar with regard to computing capabilities.

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