Why Pay for Desktop Hosting?

This is the information era, when a desktop cloud could mean the difference between keeping your trade secrets private and inadvertently revealing them to the world. Any type of cloud storage can house your data and keep it safe in the event of a failing hard drive or other technical issue, but there are other safety concerns that can be even more important.

When your information is housed using free cloud storage, you can access it from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet. However, the company that stores that data can also access it. They make no claims to encryption or any other security measures and often don't even see where you might be concerned about your data not being as private as you would like.

When you have a business, you sometimes have your own business model to follow or maybe some new prototype you are working on at any given time. This is not the kind of information you want prying eyes to see, no matter how harmless they claim to be. With an encrypted desktop cloud, you may have to pay a small fee, but you don't risk exposing your data to prying eyes. Instead, you have dedicated hosting, not just for your desktop, but also for every one of your applications. Any other kind of cloud is one that is in place to potentially farm your data for new ideas and targeted marketing schemes.

If you want to keep your data safe on every level, you need to use an encrypted server. You still get all the same benefits of any other kind of cloud storage and none of the issues.

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