How the HP/Microsoft Partnership Will Impact You

If you can’t beat them, join them. It’s an old adage, but it rings true regarding Hewlett Packard and Microsoft’s new partnership. HP has pulled the plug on its Helion public cloud and will partner with Microsoft to provide integrated hybrid cloud offerings using HP hardware and Microsoft’s Azure public cloud. For users of desktop virtualization and other cloud services, this may mean easier access to a hybrid cloud.

Under Microsoft and HP’s new agreement, HP will manufacture new hardware tailored to work with Microsoft’s Azure cloud, and HP will tailor its machine to better integrate with Microsoft products. HP will also integrate its application lifecycle management, big data, and security software available through Microsoft’s cloud.

For users of cloud computing applications, the new alliance between HP and Microsoft means that it will be easier for HP customers to use Microsoft’s cloud services. Creating a hybrid cloud will also be easier using HP products and Azure. Hybrid clouds are increasingly popular, as they allow the convenience of a using a public cloud system, while also allowing users to retain some sensitive data in a secure private cloud.

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