How Remote Desktop Services Benefit Teachers and the Educational Process

Many schools are supplying teachers and students with technology, such as laptops and tablet computers, to help facilitate learning. Weekly departmental meetings are also part of the routine for most teachers, in order to foster support and the sharing of ideas and techniques to improve the classroom experience and help teachers to reach all of their students. A remote desktop service could further enhance the efforts of schools to encourage both the embracing of technology and the formation of a strong support system, and CyberLinkASP, with their cutting edge data centers in Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, and London, England -- all staffed with highly trained and experienced IT professionals -- can provide a secure, reliable VDI service.

When attending meetings or developing lesson plans, teachers can enter their personal username and password to access the school’s remote desktop from their own laptop or PC, allowing them to access files and programs within the school’s system. During meetings, if teachers have ideas about changes that need to be made or activities and documents that could be added to the department’s lessons and resources, the changes can be made in real-time during the meeting.  Making programs available to faculty through a virtual desktop interface, accessible from a teacher’s personal computing device, means that schools need to purchase fewer sets of software and less hardware. Furthermore, using a remote desktop service through CyberLinkASP gives users greater storage capacity, security of information, and backup, as all files are backed up both on disk and tape, and stored in an off-site facility for additional safeguarding from disasters.

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