How Does a Hosted Virtual Desktop Work?

A hosted virtual desktop operates just like your current desktop computer, with a few exceptions. Rather than installing software and applications directly onto the computer, they are installed on a remote virtual server. To gain access to software and applications, you connect to them using a virtual desktop application, like Citrix®, over a secure Internet connection. Once connected, the virtual desktop is where you perform all your work. You can open word processers, spreadsheets, email, and instant messenger applications, all from within the virtual environment.

Additionally, you are able to access your virtual desktop environment from just about any computer that is connected to the Internet. This means you can work from home, while sitting in the airport, or in a hotel while on a business trip. You are never out of touch with the office, and have access to all of your software programs and applications. You see the same virtual desktop screen with your icons and shortcuts in the same places, whether you access the environment from your desktop computer at home, or your personal laptop.

All data is stored on secure servers and data centers provided by the hosted virtual desktop provider. In most cases, you do not even notice you are working in a virtual environment, thanks to high speed Internet connections. In addition, both wired and wireless Internet connections are able to be used to access your remote desktop server. To learn more about this service or other remote desktop services, call Cyberlink ASP now at 972-262-5200

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