What Is Google Fiber and How Could It Change the Internet?

Google Fiber is Google’s Internet service that builds fiber optic networks and provides Internet access for people in their homes in major cities. However, Google is exploring expanding their Fiber division by developing new technologies to offer high speed wireless broadband service to give people another alternative to having Internet access in their homes.

Currently, people can choose between a wired service, like Fiber, or a wireless data plan through their smartphone provider. The problem with current wireless cellular plans is the cost for high speed data. Google is looking to change that by offering people a more affordable option for wireless access on a flat rate plan, similar to the plans offered for wired high speed Internet access, and at much higher speeds than available through cellular providers.

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The only thing holding Google back at this point is developing the technology and determining how to effectively “beam” broadband Internet access into people’s homes. Google has been connecting their existing fiber optic network lines to wireless transmission towers and conducting experiments with proprietary wireless technologies. If Google is able to successfully create a faster wireless broadband solution, it would not only open up more competition in the wireless Internet market, but provide people another option for obtaining Internet access in their homes.

It will be interesting to see whether Google is able to develop an effective solution and overcome current speed limitation barriers in wireless technologies. In the meantime, for cost-effective Cloud computing, and virtual desktop services and solutions for your small business, call the experts at CyberlinkASP now at (972) 262-5200.

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