Four Tips Your Business Needs to Avoid Data Breaches

Data breaches remain a hot topic in the business world, as Yahoo has become the latest company to fall victim to large-scale hacking with more than a billion user accounts breached. Businesses large and small need to remain vigilant to avoid similar hacks of their precious data and customers’ personal information.Data breaches

Here are a few ways you can reduce your vulnerability to breaches:

  • Hosted virtual desktops – In hosted desktops, applications and data are stored on a cloud provider’s server rather than individual computers. For example, instead of having a budgeting program installed on a user’s computer, the user would access the program through the provider’s server.
  • Centralize these applications and data –  This makes it easier for IT staff to monitor and secure computing resources. User carelessness is a major source of vulnerability. Hosted desktops reduce the exposure of threats from this source, as many opportunities for hackers to gain access to files and data are blocked.
  • Train your users – Have regular training sessions for end users in your business concerning security threats, their potential impact, and how to avoid them. Training employees will help them avoid inadvertent behavior that puts your computing resources at risk of breach.
  • Install intrusion protection – This should be a no-brainer, but the number of businesses without intrusion detection and prevention is astonishing. All Internet accessible resources need intrusion and prevention.
  • Filter content – Keep employees away from websites that may be compromised with content filtering software. Gambling and porn sites are frequent entry points for hackers, and employees shouldn’t be visiting these sites on company time anyway, right? Content filtering helps eliminate some vulnerabilities automatically.

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