Conserving Your Laptop’s Battery Power

As desktop virtualization programs have made our laptops more convenient than ever for getting work done on the road or away from the office, battery life has become an even more important concern. Your laptop is only useful when you’re able to turn it on, and not everywhere you go has a convenient place to charge. Saving battery life by managing your device’s power consumption will help you avoid being left in the lurch by your laptop.

Consider these tips for saving laptop battery power:

  • Reduce your screen brightness. Adjusting your screen brightness is perhaps the most significant way you can impact your power usage. Reduce brightness to a level that’s comfortable.
  • Close programs you’re not using. Leaving programs running in the background causes your computer to work harder, thus expending more energy.
  • Use the hibernate instead of the sleep function. Hibernate causes your computer to save its current system state and power off, thus using less electricity than sleep mode.
  • Set your display to automatically turn off when you’ve been away from the computer for more than 15 minutes.
  • Don’t use a screen saver. They eat up power and are unnecessary.

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