How Your Computer Is at Risk from Viruses and Hackers (Part I)

In part one of this two part blog series we will look at how your computer is at risk from viruses and hackers. In today’s society, computer viruses and hackers are a common occurrence. While some viruses gain national exposure quickly, others are distributed more quietly and covertly, until they have become vastly distributed, and then at that point become a global threat.

You might be wondering where viruses come from, and the answer is hackers. Hackers look for vulnerabilities in Internet connections, virtual desktops, Cloud-based storage, firewalls, computer operations systems, software, and applications. Once they discover vulnerabilities, they write a program to exploit the weaknesses, often in the form of a virus. In addition, with the recent surge of mobile device usage, hackers are taking advantage of numerous vulnerabilities in these devices to gain easy access to your personal and corporate information.

Hackers utilize a wide array of tools, techniques, and methods for various purposes. Some hackers are intent on bringing big corporations to their knees and halting their operations. Other hackers are more interested in discovering your personal information so they can sell it to the highest bidder. Then there are hackers who simply enjoy creating chaos without malicious intent, like causing your computer to reboot every time you open a specific program or click an icon.

In part two of this blog series, we will look at ten ways you can protect your computer. Keep your data secure and safe in the Cloud with help and solutions from CyberlinkASP. Call 972-262-5200 now for more information.

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