Is Your Business Ready for Cloud Computing?

While the Cloud has made great strides in the private sector, it is being much more slowly adapted in the commercial sector. Part of the reason for the delay by businesses is developing new strategies and budgets to undertake projects to move data and applications to the Cloud. Before jumping in head first, it is a good idea to take the time to evaluate your current IT infrastructure to decide what data and applications are well suited for Cloud computing and your business.

In order to access data and applications in the Cloud, you have to have a reliable and secure network (Internet) connection with sufficient bandwidth. If you do not have adequate bandwidth, it will cause performance issues and affect your productivity. There are remote desktop services that can assist you with determining exactly how much bandwidth you are going to need and what type of Internet connection speeds would be the most appropriate for accessing your data and applications in the Cloud.

Further, review what data and applications are currently residing on your internal network servers. In some cases, moving the data and/or applications to the Cloud is much more cost-effective than having to replace and upgrade existing servers. For more information about data and application hosting in the Cloud, or assistance in conducting an IT infrastructure evaluation, contact CyberlinkASP at 972-262-5200.

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