Better Business through Cloud Computing

Businesses are always looking for ways to drive growth and reach new levels of profitability. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many businesses have rushed to adopt the cloud, which gives users a serious advantage in speed, growth, and flexibility. Here are just a few of the ways that cloud services like desktop virtualization can help organizations do better business:


  • Speed up IT resource acquisition – When a business using traditional IT infrastructure wants to add a new resource to its arsenal or update its existing tools, implementing and testing all of the changes can take weeks or months to complete. In the cloud, adding new resources is much easier and much faster, and businesses can roll out updates and new features to their IT capabilities in days or even minutes.
  • Reduced overhead – With traditional IT, the burden of paying for infrastructure maintenance is on the business, but, with the cloud, the service provider takes the responsibility of maintaining, updating, and paying for the running and upkeep of infrastructure; the businesses taking advantage of the provider’s service simply have to pay for access.
  • More resources for customer-centric focus – When businesses take advantage of the cloud, they can redirect the time and money that would otherwise be spent maintaining their onsite IT, and instead put those resources toward improving customer experience. By allowing businesses to direct their resources toward creating better products and providing customers with a better experience, the cloud gives businesses an advantage in the area that matters most.

Cloud computing advantages

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