Why It Is Beneficial for Some Companies to Use Virtual and Application Hosting

One growing market segment in the IT industry is virtual and application hosting services. This segment is perfect for small and medium businesses which often lack the deep pockets of resources needed to staff a highly experienced team of IT experts internally. In addition, application hosting eliminates the costs associated with hardware and software upgrades, patches, fixes, and worrying about nightly data backups.

If you were to compare the costs of purchasing your own network servers, computer workstations, and hiring dedicated staff to support and maintain your existing infrastructure, it could easily run hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Now add to these expenses the costs of software upgrades, updates, and new hardware as technology constantly improves, and you could be looking at around half a million or more just for IT expenses over the course of year.

It is no wonder, then, why so many small and medium businesses outsource to a reliable company offering application and remote desktop services. With a service, you pay for your services on a monthly basis, so there are no excessive upfront costs. Next, services are scalable to fit your business needs as they grow and change, and include a wide array of hosted solutions and applications to allow you to establish a competitive advantage in your market against larger corporations.

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